current work


As many people know I am always shooting nudes.  My work in nudes is sculptural and at times reminiscent of renaissance statues. I enjoy working with people of all ages, sizes and shapes as this diversity is part of our community and also makes for a great range of images. My search for models is ongoing, so if you are interested drop me a line.


Recently I have begun painting.  The paintings I have been creating are derived from photos of nudes I have taken that I then abstract and paint on canvas.  The series has taken off and in only a few months I have painted 10 canvases and have plenty more to do.  All the works can be seen in the gallery section and are for sale.

Sculptures - Bell Jars

I have been turning some of my images into sculptures.  These are small pieces that use the negative space to complete the sculpture.  Each piece is hand cut from heavy paper and mounted onto very thin wire to make it 'float' in the bell jar.